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Budget and contracts

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Budget and contracts:

Our Contracts and Compliance Team is led by Mohsin Russol, HoD for Contracts & Finance

Our Feasibility and Proposals Team is led by Melandri Eloff, Head of Feasibilities and Proposals.

  • MERC has a central dedicated Feasibility Team •Working in close partnership with sites and our senior management team •Early rapid response from sites and contacts for feasibility questionnaires


3-5 days for initial list of sites and estimated enrollment (majority were responded to within 1 day)

10 days for full budget and proposal for awarded studies.

We are looking to:
Streamline the feasibility process •Proceeding straight to site selection Providing capabilities slides for each Therapeutic Area Using a Top Down approach with Sponsor/CRO sales teams


Turnaround time: 5-10 days for full costing, subject to information provided. Ballpark budgets may be quicker.

We provide a central budget with blended rate in our standard template;

Sponsor budgets typically don’t include line items for our model & the additional activities undertaken to deliver our premium services.

  • Our focus is principally driven by high delivery.
  • Costs per patient are lower than other SMO’s.
  • We’ve aligned our budget presentation so its a familiar format, offering transparency.
  • We offer flexibility and can move costs within the budget to meet client needs We have a pragmatic approach to risk share strategies


Turnaround time: typically 2 weeks, subject to sponsor timelines, negotiation of budget and contractual terms.

Our preferred process is one central contract (within an overarching MSA) covering all sites involved.

  • Provides maximum efficiency and facilitates rapid start
  • We approve the contract within 24hrs of budget approval
  • Sponsor contract requirements can be accommodated
  • MERC takes care of all our sites contracting via our own robust contracting structure and processes, thereby saving CRO resource
  • Amendments are easily managed
  • Central invoicing – and we pay the sites!
  • Metrics set up on a national study basis in line with Sponsor expectations.